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Hello!  And thank you for taking the time to visit.  My Frontier eScentials biz is all about wholeness:  Body, Mind and Spirit.   When you're healthy in these three areas of your life, your dreams do come true and you take wings and soar across the frontier of YOUR life; thus, the name.  I've been using Young Living essential oils since 1999.  I've done emotional healing, maintain vibrant physical health and my spirituality has increased with oils, writing/journaling and of course energy work!  "Changing lives one drop at a time since 1999" is my tag as is: "Your road to a better life begins today!"   Is it time for YOU start living well on purpose with Nature's living energy?  Explore  what a drop of oil or two could do for you!

And if you're thinking globally and wish to do your part in saving our beautiful Earth, then YL's skin care line is a great way to proceed! Food for your skin, which means food for your body, it's another step in the right direction of living chemical-free. Join the NOTOX movement today! (Way better than Botox!) Hosting Beauty Schools, and educating in the Fox Valley the 3rd Monday of every month.  Contact me if you would like to attend or host a class for your friends. 

And if journaling and dream manifestation is what you seek, contact me!  And look for a slice of my life in "Rocky Mountain Dream," which is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul's Miracle of Love Edition--released June 5, 2018!